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Mummy MOT
Who Needs a Mummy MOT®?
Up to half of all women experience weakness in both the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles after pregnancy and up to a third still have a tummy gap at eight weeks post-birth. This can cause instability or poor core strength leading to women developing pelvic or back pain or bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction.

These conditions should not be something you should just put up with as a result of having a baby.

Book a 1:1 assessment with Sue!
I will check your tummy gap , posture , pelvis , spine, discuss any pelvic floor issues.
I can help with any scar problems ( Caesarian or perineal ).
I will advise you on safe Post natal exercises.
Mummy MOT assessment can be soon after you have given birth or sometimes many years later - especially if you still have a tummy gap or “ mummy tummy” or pelvic floor problems.

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